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Deep crystalline pool with water jets

The Local Pool Experts

J. Caldwell Custom Pools is the leader in pool installation, repair, and maintenance in the area. We deliver high-quality pool design, service equipment, and pool care plans to homes in the community. If you’re thinking about installing a new pool or are thinking about an upgrade, we’re the experts you can count on. We have an extensive portfolio of different pool options to meet your needs. We’re also the preferred pool maintenance service provider in the area. We’re excited to keep your pool in top condition all year with the attention to detail and responsive service you expect.

Find out how we can create your dream pool by calling (817) 237-7665 today! Schedule an appointment with one of our expert pool technicians or ask questions for more pool information for your Fort Worth, TX property.

The Best in Quality Pool Services

An incredible pool takes work. It requires a certain level of expertise to get things done correctly and stand the test of time. J. Caldwell Custom Pools has built an extensive ecosystem designed to create, install, and service pools at an unprecedented level. We do this by offering:

  • High-Quality Suppliers – We’ve built a partner network to be able to respond quickly to your requests and make your pool dreams come true. Whether it’s sourcing a particular part or finding the right kitchen design for your outdoor living space, we have the right suppliers in place to get the best results at the lowest prices.
  • Pool Equipment – We want you to enjoy your pool for years without worry. J. Caldwell Custom Pools protects your investment by using only the best in pool equipment. We have a large supply of premium heaters, lighting solutions, pumps, and other pool components to make your pool amazing.

Our team is committed to being the best pool service provider in Fort Worth, TX. Every day, we help our clients with custom pool designs that enhance properties in the community. Your dream pool is just a phone call away! Get the process started today and see how we can make your outdoor space incredible.

Dial (817) 237-7665 now to speak to someone on our team for more pool information in Fort Worth, TX or to schedule a consultation!

  • Suppliers We use only the best suppliers with great track records. Learn about our partnerships.
  • Pool Equipment We source the best equipment at great prices. You’ll have the latest pool technology for your pool.